About Our Company

Our Roots

James and Nancy Wagoner founded Wagoner Insurance in 1978. We have since been providing insurance to the businesses & families of North Carolina for over 40 years gaining the trust of thousands of clients.

Wagoner Insurance agents are licensed and trained in the field of insurance and are also friendly, courteous and responsible. After all, servicing our clients is our highest priority since that is what has helped us become one of the most trusted agencies in Onslow County.

Wagoner Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency. Meaning, our agency represents an infinite number of insurance companies. This provides us with many alternative routes when trying to select the best possible coverage and pricing for our clients.

Wagoner Insurance is dedicated to providing our customers with quick, professional and friendly services. Onslow County residents and all NC residents can count on Wagoner Insurance. We pride ourselves on being available to our clients to help them with any concerns they might have about their insurance.

Through our client-servicing plan, risk management control and client service reports, you will be protected by the best insurance program available.

Because we maintain a complete copy of your insurance policy and schedules in our office, we can review and service your account within a minute’s notice. Additionally, Our computer enables us to provide prompt service and quotes for any type of insurance.

As the manager of this agency, it would be my pleasure to administer your insurance program in any way possible. We look forward to keeping excellent contact with our clients. After all, you deserve an insurance agency that is dedicated to understanding the insurance industry and how it is related to you as the customer.


Wagoner Insurance